Hey there     can’t we     just a little     look     by placing my hand     on the cat 

I lower my chance     of heart attack     also, cuckoos lay eggs     in the nests 

of other birds     —parasitic brooding—     we’ll never know what 

we don’t know     cats purr between     20 and 140 hertz     the right frequency 

for bone growth     I can’t explain why the crow     raises the cuckoo 

why I love you     like the chipped mug I’ll never throw away     (unless it leaks)

a doctor measures the translucency     at the back of my unborn baby’s neck 

then tells me how much     and for whom     I should worry     when threatened 

cuckoo chicks expel a foul liquid     predators dislike     Mother Crow, 

were you relieved to find your babies alive     and trembling in a viscous pool? 

Listen, I have never been so relieved     to see so little transparency


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